Series on Netflix that you will watch twice!

The year 2020 undoubtedly belongs to the most surprising. Now we all sit in houses and try not to go crazy. More people started cooking, we put more on cleaning, we read more books.. we take care of the house, children, husband or wife. It is known that there are days when you do absolutely nothing. Your home walk is limited to the bed-fridge-bed route and that’s it. Sometimes getting out of bed is beyond your strength. And once you’re lying in that bed and unwilingly browsing Netflix for new entertainment, and you don’t know what you want to watch, then I come.. with a list of absolutely so awesome series that these slippers themselves will fall. (let’s not get over the fact that you are lying in bed, without slippers ;))


I don’t think I need to introduce this show to anyone. This show is so great that I’ve watched it twice already.. and who knows, maybe I’ll watch again? The complexity of time, the arrival of places, mysterious tunnels and 4 families from the small town of Winden. And this famous yellow coat. I have one, too. And it’s beautiful.. mega beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll find a tunnel like this in London and move to the 1980s and party until dawn. So far, I have to get enough of this yellow coat.


I love this show over all series. Just gold! I would say it’s a great psychological thriller. The main character is CIA agent Carrie Mathison. The action begins when, after 8 years of life in captivity, an American soldier, Nicolas Brody, is rescued. When Brody returns to the U.S., he is hailed as a national hero.. Carrie suspects that he has switched to al-Qaeda and is planning a terrorist attack.

Serial fry? When someone watched it on a regular basis, he could see that this series is based on the current political situation. I don’t want to tell you any more, but if I were you, I’d already be doing popcorn and sitting down to watch.


Mafia, Mexicans, heroin, money laundering + a typical American family and a charming little town by the lake. You ask what will happen? Absolutely zajebisty series. I resisted for a long time not to watch it, because frankly the title did not tell me much.. but when David finally decided to turn on this series, I completely lost. Many times it happened that we had to go for a walk (one walk a day is entitled in the UK), or we had to lay out puzzles or at all we just had to walk away from the computer, and I wanted to watch on! Well, because how to do something here, when the action is so ramping up that you need to know what will happen next? I cannot live in such ignorance.

The Kominsky Method

The series tells the story of the once famous and appreciated actor Sandy Kominsky and his best friend, Norman. Norman unfortunately loses his wife, who has cancer. Men reflect on the meaning of life, and in between they shoot pretty good jokes. A typical light comedy to make your belly sore from laughter. Maybe it’s not a series that you watch twice, but it’s definitely worth it. If I could choose my grandfather, it would certainly be Norman. My favorite man!

Mind Hunter

How about a series about serial killers in the US? Sounds weak? What if I add a young, handsome and ambitious detective who interviews murderers and tries to figure out their minds? Holden and Bill travel to prisons where murderers are serving sentences and want to know their motives and behavior. One of the detectives is Ed Kemper – in the late 1960s and early 1970s he killed 10 people, including his mother and grandparents. I would add that the series is well filmed. The atmosphere of the 80s literally catches the screen. We watched this show in a few days. It sucks to the max and we can’t wait for the next season.


The action takes place from London. Sergeant David Budd, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, returned from Afghanistan and is preventing a terrorist attack by accident. Thanks to this, he gets promoted and becomes the personal bodyguard of the British Interior Minister, who fiercely fights terrorism. Julia and David begin to connect some things they can’t tell anyone about.

I hope you’ll like the series. If you would like to recommend your favorite tv series, go ahead! Maybe together we will be able to create a database of awesome series on Netflix. 🙂

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