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The times have come when you have been forced to sit at home. Everything kind of cool, but after two weeks it starts to be a little boring. Favorite series on Netflix have already been viewed, from books already hurt head, and the apartment shines like the arrival of Rozenkowa.

And at this point I go.. I won’t be dressed white, but I come to you with my favorite podcasts. Although I am not one of the people who are locked in the house and do not complain about boredom, I am still looking for new activities. The last discovery is podcasts. I used to think it was like listening to the radio, but without the insidating commercials and ridiculous music. That’s what you know.. boring chatter. And then Lidia Krawczuk from the blog America and I started doing her first podcasts. And so after hearing the first few recordings, I started looking further.. later there was Karol Paciorek, Jason Hunt and many others. If you are curious what I am currently listening to then scroll further..

Ameryka i ja

In addition to running a blog, Instagram and recording podcasts, Lidia also works on the radio. Her phenomenal voice and diction made me fall in love with her recordings. I don’t think I’ve ever met with such a well-prepared substance and a dose of humor on a podcast about America. A lot of curiosities and anecdotes from everyday life in the States. I like the episodes about the White House and the First Ladies of the United States the most. I hope That Lidia will record not one more episode on this subject.


Firecracker Woman! I started listening to this podcast only after I finished “Me and my idiot friends.” From my perspective, it doesn’t matter which one you start first – both are about life, but in a different form. I don’t know why I’ve been delaying listening to any podcasts for so long – that’s why I spend every spare moment making up for it now. And, importantly! Listen best from the beginning – it’s like reading a book in audio form – doesn’t start from the inside. 🙂

tuOkuniewska – Ja i moje przyjaciółki idiotki

This podcast is my total hit! If you knew how many times I burst out laughing on the subway, or how many times lying in the bath about little I did not melt with laughter? Millions! This podcast is on relaxation.

Aśka had a great idea about it. It is only a pity that in my time there was no such thing. Girls, mega recommend!

Jason Hunt

Once known as Fireplace or simply Tomek Tomczyk. If you’re a blogger, it’s very likely that you know each other.

What if you’re not a blogger and you’re not going to become one? I don’t force anyone, but it’s worth listening. Maybe your wife, sister, lover, husband or fiancé is a blogger – audition for the last recording titled: “People who undercut your wings” As usual, Tom hit the point.

Karol Paciorek

Karol I know from YouTube and there I started to ‘watch podcasts’. Charles conducts cool and valuable interviews with people from the internet and television. The first and longest episode was an interview with RedLipstickMonster – a mega cool interview. If you want something light and ingesting but not vengeful like TVP1, then go to Charles.

Krzysztof Gonciarz

I watch Krzyśka from 2 years. I like watching His Videos on YouTube, equal to the ones that tell the story of life in Japan and those in which he travels all over the world. DailyVlogs were great, every day something new. Unfortunately DV is gone, but for this is a podcast.

Pani swojego czasu

I’ve been watching Ola Budzńska for some time now and I’ll tell you that I didn’t know for a very long time that there was a podcast! How did I find out? Just going to the podcast list at Spotfy. 😉 If you have a business or are going to start a business, you’ll find a lot of tips on how to get there with Oli. A lot of substantive knowledge and guidance. Ola talks about her experiences and mistakes. A lot of knowledge completely free, at your fingertips.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite podcasts. If any of you know these podcasts, be sure to let us know. Or would you like to share your favorite podcasts? Write in the comments, let everyone have the opportunity to share.

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