London can be liked!

We all know very well that London is not a cheap city – just like any other European capital. Everyone is on the run forever, they don’t have time, they ‘do’ money. I was the same at the beginning. All that mattered was work and work. I didn’t go anywhere because I was too tired ‘to live’. Fortunately, over time, I began to appreciate this city and noticed that London never sleeps. There’s something going on here forever. Millions of places to see, even more to try and experience. Missed a cool gig? Don’t worry, London has so much to offer that you don’t have enough life to see and experience everything on your own skin.

My subjective list of rzczy, for which I like to live here. Of course, I would find things that annoy me and annoy me, but today we will focus on the goodness itself.

Free museums, cultural events

I can safely say that London is a city of free museums. Where you do not look, there you will enter for free. Just do not recommend going to any museum on a weekend or holidays. Wild crowds and giant queues – free of charge. All in all, only now I realized that I have not yet written you a list with free museums. 😀 I will make up as soon as possible and link here.

Tell me which of the free museums do you like the most?

Food products from all over the world

Oh, as I was delighted as I entered tesco for the first time a few years ago! Endless avenues, shelves full of products from all over the world – magic and excitement times a million! I remember standing by the shelf with hot chocolate – jejku, how much it was! It was hard for me to decide what I wanted.. Ba! Now I have the same 😉

Any Asian or Indian sections in stores have always been unknown to me. But here it’s crazy. I still don’t know what all these sauces, mushrooms or other worms are for. Nevertheless, it’s fun to have a choice and as someone knows it, it’s great. Getting to know the kitchens from a corner you can be sure that you will find all the ingredients you need.

Cuisine all over the world at your door step

All these restaurants offering all kinds of dishes – how I love them! Whenever I feel like something (and I don’t know what yet), apps come to my aid to order food. Oh mother, what a choice there! And for this choice I love London. And for the fact that I can order food at 23 and it will still arrive.

When I was still living in Słupsk, the only option after 23 was only McDonald’s and it was still without delivery. And what was I doing then? I was greatly inconspicuated and put on a jam sandwich. Her burger was far away, but well. 😉

Online shopping

If you order something at 10 am, you can expect a courier to knock on you the next day. Sale at H&M, please – you go to the site, a few clicks and you already have it at home. Are you missing pasta and friends come at the weekend? You can shop online. And I will say this – this is a great option, when I have to buy 5 cartons of milk, or cleaning products – everything will come to the door, and I will not make a third hump. Making purchases online is a really cool option. I use it often and thanks to this I do not have to stand in queues after work or cut buses to the nearest market and come back loaded like a camel.


Going out in the morning (or even during the day) to the store, being clothed only in pajaja, I guarantee that no one will pay attention to you. Londoners do not pay attention to such details. And that’s cool.


In London, the balaclava network is so developed that in my case owning a car is a waste of money. There is a connection wherever I want to get there. I don’t need extra stress in my life titled, “Where can I park my car and how much will it cost me?” If I do not know how to get there, I launch the CityMapper app and already know how to get there, how much it will cost me and how long it will take me to travel. Without this appki I would be in the middle of nowhere. 😉

Charity Shop

My favorite stores. I love more than life and sometimes I can spend the whole day riding to my favorites, which are scattered all over London. How many gems did I catch there! I love to rummage on the shelves with – some necklaces, earrings, buttons, cards.. plates, spoons and all sorts of wall paintings – going into the charity shop I feel like some kind of treasure hunter! 😀

Forests, parks and all green squares

I love the fact that in London I can find a piece of green space every step of the way. Here no one will drive me out of the lawn, because “the grass is not from trampling”, or it will not happen that the park is closed for four drains. It may happen, however, that in some districts there are parks only for residents, and all I can do is sit under the fence and watch the children running. 😉

Around 47% of London's surface area is 'green' - According to green spaces surveyed, as many as 33% of London is a natural habitat in the open and an additional 14% are estimated to be private, home garden areas.

If any of you have not yet read about parks and super vantage points in London or about my favorite Pergola Hill Gardens then below you will find linked articles ↴

Now I have a question for you – what do you like London for? Maybe there’s something else that I haven’t mentioned, and would you like to share?

Feel welcome to the discussion in the comments. ↴

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