London bucket list

This year I decided that all goals, dreams and plans will be saved regularly. In this way, it is easier for me to focus on what I have already achieved and separate from what is still before me. What I was able to write here is not a complete list anyway, but something needs to start with. I suspect I would run out of life to see what I want.. and it’s just London! I still have to push other countries and cities to see somewhere else. 😀

  • Climb the O2 Arena
  • Visit harry potter’s studio
  • Take a ride on the London Eye
  • Amaze the view from the Shard
  • Visit London’s financial district – Canary Wharf
  • Go to Winston Churchill’s bunkers
  • Cross the pedestrian tunnel under the River Thames between Greenwich and Tower Hamlets
  • Take the Emirates Air Line
  • Explore the middle of London Bridge
  • Visit St Paul’s Cathedral and climb the observation tower
  • Go to the Hindu temple on Neasden
  • Visit the first underwater tunnel constructed in the world.

  • See the steamad from sky garden

Do I have people here who lived in London? If so, share your favourite places in London. I’m happy to know places I don’t know about yet.

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