How did we met?

We’re about to tap 4 years, and I still haven’t posted about how we got to know each other. I’ve probably done it a million times. They were made of 4 versions, but no end fit me. In fact, our cognition consists of a lot of people, places and situations that led to this moment. Are you ready for an American-Polish love story? If so, scroll further!

Hotel and Americans – what’s the point?

Before I go into the story right, I have to tell you a little so-called background. Well, I Polish back to poland because of family matters. If it had gone differently, I certainly wouldn’t have Polish. Before I first flew to London, I worked at the Et Cetera Hotel and Restaurant. It was a small, family-run hotel with great local cuisine and wonderful people who created this place. I can safely say that at this point we all treated ourselves as members of one big ceter family. 😉 When the decision was made about my departure, I didn’t think I would ever go back to the same place, to the same people. When I got home in July 2016, I didn’t know what was waiting for me. In Słupsk, the news spreads quickly and less than 2 months later I stood behind a bar with my girls. Speaking my way – I went back to the old garbage. I slowly began to come back to life, and I had to adapt to the fact that in the hotel we have mostly Americans.

Americans – what about them?

A few years ago in Słupsk (or rather near Słupsk), the Americans began to build an Anti-Missile Shield, and consequently, a lot of foreigners appeared in the city. Before I even flew to London, I had time to get acquainted with a few people and make friends. Most of them lived in the hotel where I worked. And it was thanks to the fact that I knew these few people that later it went downhill. I started getting to know more and more of these Americans. Over time, I even started going to a barbecue together. Matt would have a barbecue at home every weekend with all-night (sometimes even weekend) movies, poker and darts. I also have some great recipes from Matt. If you want, I’ll share it on the blog. 🙂 In general, my city is not big, so at almost every step I met someone I know. Most knew and associated me well. And all in all, through these ‘acquaintances’ I met David.

Ready for more?

Where and when did we get to know each other?

2016, beginning of October. It is Saturday evening, silence in the restaurant, zero guests. Only me and the music from the speaker. All arrivals were already checked in, and the rest of the hotel guests left for the city. I stand behind the bar and then he comes in – all black! My first thought that came to my mind at the time was -O, new man! And after a while.. go se man eat elsewhere. I enjoy peace and quiet here. Well, but good.. the guest is the guest, so I sat him in the room next door. I gave the card and returned to my place, that is, behind the bar. After a while I came back and took the order, put everything into the system and that’s it. I remember he ate soup first.. when I approached the table it was hismość had a nose on the phone. I didn’t even notice that I was there. After a few minutes I looked back, and there the soup barely touched, because He continued to look at the screen. (has it to this day;)) After another 10 minutes, I came up and asked if it was over and if I could bring the main course – he answered in the affirmative. Well, I siup to the kitchen, grabbed a plate and in the jumps returned to his table. In my mind, I begged him not to eat this dish for 40 minutes, only for him to eat quickly and go. I gave to the table and again sewed up behind the bar. It was almost 9:30 p.m., so the kitchen was closing and going home. The girls from the kitchen managed to leave when David comes in after a while and says he wants to settle the bill. Oh mother – how happy I was! I was finally able to go home. 😀


Monday was a day when we had a lot of traffic. Most Americans came to us for dinner, after a hard weekend. 😉 That evening, one of my friends asked me to book a big round table because they had Katie say goodbye to the base and informed me that there was a new person in her place. As Jun asked, the table was prepared. She struck at 6 p.m. and Jun walked into the restaurant, followed by David. Everything put me in a heap and I realized that D is the new person in place of Katie.

Dinner went quickly, the women’s part of the company after dinner was fleeting, and gentlemen came to the bar. And then we had the opportunity to talk for a while. As the soul of society, I began to talk. Like dinner, how their beer tastes (we had a very good regional beer from the brewery in Koszalin), later the topic went down on tv series, good movies (David wrote me on a piece of paper some of his favorite series and most interestingly – I still have this card:), later from word to word and bach! We were friends on Facebook + I had his phone number stored on his phone.

David would come to the restaurant every day for dinner. He and June had ‘their’ bar stools. In the meantime, we started writing messages to each other, and then somehow it came out that we started going out for tea, beer, pizza or board games. Later, I took him to a basketball game, to a party, and in December we went to the Christmas Market in Gdańsk. Our first trip together was a trip to Warsaw, to my friend. We spent some great days there. Later a few times it was Poznań, we visited the Circle (a small village in western Pomerania), we flew to Riga, together we visited Edinburgh, I even lived with him in an apartment.. and so we have passed 10 months of living together. We both knew it wasn’t going to last forever, but somehow we didn’t care. Somewhere there the topic was scrolling, but for now, we enjoyed our towing. David’s contract was scheduled for the end of September, although in the meantime there was hope that David would be another 10 months. It was just a joy! We didn’t have to talk about the difficult subject that was undoubtedly “and what’s next?”. A few months passed terribly fast.. but our happiness did not last long. The chances of a contract extension were sprinkled like a house of cards. We were both very disappointed. There are 2 months left until David’s departure.. and we had to return to the theme of “and what’s next?” overnight. These were not easy conversations. Sometimes it ended with the door slamming or crying. I say it outright, it wasn’t easy. But the worst was yet to come…

Holborn Park, 06/07/2019

Farewell time

I remember it like today. End of September 2017, Gdansk, Walesa Airport. 4:30 a.m. Outdoors dark and cold. We stand in line for baggage check-in. With red eyes and wet cheeks, I am on His shoulder to hide my tears. That’s the end of it – that’s how I thought at the time. He will fly home, he will forget about me and that’s it. I made hope for myself, and now everything will go. Every now and then I just heard – well, no crying, after all, I will come to you. At the time, nothing came to me. I was so angry, sleepy, hungry, sad and insemined that I prayed for the first time in my life to cancel the plane. Or that there was a twist and someone said it was a joke. Or that it’s just a dream. But how angry it was all true, and I was in the middle of the airport saying goodbye to David. Even as I think about it now, I nervously look at D, checking if he’s next to me – I just don’t want to go back to life at a distance anymore. 😉

It was the worst farewell. As soon as we got to the gate and David had to go, I thought I was going to burst into tears at the whole departure hall. Even now, when I write about it, my eyes get wet, and in my stomach it squeezes.

And he went.. Flew. And I was like the last one to sneak into a hotel room. To this day I have bad memories of Hilton at Gdansk Airport. We were always there at night when David was flying home. Who knows, maybe over time I will have the same good memories associated with this place. 😉

To see each other again, we had to wait 4 months..

First shared photo in London 04/07/2020


Undoubtedly, this is the longest blog post. If you survived here, you deserved a piece of good dough. Reading is like a sport, you should get a reward! <3

If you don’t have enough and want to read more stories related to us, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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