Barbican Conservatory

Last Sunday I finally managed to visit the conservatory in the Barbican. It took me a long time to visit this place, but it was worth it! Dare I say that this place is both ugly and nice. Cold, dark, concrete and warm, light and soft. The Barbican is a place full of contradictions. You can love or hate them.

How did I get here? By Martha from Riennaher’s blog. How she wrote about this place made me have to see it. I refer you to the entry that brought me here – Barbican or retro Death Star

This is another entry I made based on my Bucket List, which is what else I want to see in London, which you can find by clicking here: London Bucket List

The Barbican Conservatory is only open on Sunday, so if you want to come here and feel like you’re in the jungle, be sure to book this day. Breakfast at home you can skip, around the whole complex you will find a lot of places to eat something good. Even if you don’t, you can always eat at the Barbican Kitchen. It is a combination of a dairy bar and a café.

The Barbican complex was completed in 1982 and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II herself. It is a centre of art and culture, the largest in its category in Europe.

More than 60,000 people live here. You will find here 3 restaurants, 7 meeting rooms, one of the largest libraries in London, theatre, school, cinema, 2 exhibition halls and tons of concrete and greenery.

The Barbican is a very popular place to get married or you will meet photographers getting photoshoots.

How much does it cost to enter?

Fortunately, the entrance does not cost anything.

If you want to combine an afternoon in the Barbican with tea and cake, you can buy tickets on the official website. Thanks to the tickets, you will be able to sit back and enjoy tea among all these wonderful plants – from what I have seen, stronger liquors are also available. 😉

Properties in London are famous for being very expensive.. and (and even more) I can say about apartments in the Barbican. Prices for a piece of flooring are up to £4.5 million. Is there any willing merchant to live among concrete and plants?

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