And what’s next?

Two months have passed since David moved to London. I slowly become familiar with the idea that He no longer has to go back anywhere, that we will not have to part again. No more waiting, no more planning your next meeting and saying goodbyes at airports. Finally, we can focus on living – here and now, not through the glass screen of the phone.

I like the feeling when I realize that when I get home, David will be waiting for me there. I no longer have to count down the hours to our daily phone.

I’ve been asked many times why I don’t move to the States (because that’s the opportunity), why we chose the Islands, what David will do here and where we’re going to live.. Below I collected the most frequently repeated questions..

Why UK, not US?

In our current situation, it was easier for him to move than I would have to go overseas. His company, where he is employed, has offices all over the world, potentially leading to him seeking a transfer. We were fortunate enough to have signed up, because before he officially started trying for a relocation, he worked with people from the UK on one project, and this made it much easier for Him to change office later.

Where do we live?

As soon as the idea came up that David would move here, we knew right away that we wanted to rent an apartment. It took me a few months to find the right place. The most in all this was paperology. From the first viewing of the apartment, to the first night spent in it – it took 1.5 months. I am glad that I managed to find such a cool place, in a good location and price.

Moving to the States?

I don’t want to look too far ahead, because it’s a little pointless. I know my life enough not to make far-reaching plans. If there is an opportunity, I will think.

I do not rule out such a scenario. The world is there to explore it. 🙂


For David, that doesn’t mean big changes. The work visa was granted to him, so everything is as it should be. Brexit, on the other hand, will certainly take away some ‘stigma’ on me. It is known that this will be a hard Brexit. No transition periods and no agreements. I’ll say as much – what it’s supposed to be, it will be. As I will have to, I will wrap my sails elsewhere. 😉

That Americans need a visa?!

5. Helllloł! Yes, of course! Just as Europeans need a visa to work in countries outside the EU, americans also need to have a work permit outside the US.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. In the UK it takes a long weekend, so I run away and fly to enjoy the wonderful weather!

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